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this aint about no poniessss...haha

i've got some shit talking to do...and i believe that this may be the first entry i've ever made. so yay! well lately things have been changing 'round here. and honestly i have no fucking idea why. it kinda pisses me off because i really love my friends...sometimes it just seems as though they don't love me as much. i put so much effort into everything and i feel i recieve nothing in return. it makes me sad. my friends are all i have. they keep my sane, they make me laugh. things need to change. i want everything to go back to the way they used to be. don't you?
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i couldnt agree with you more...
ok, i'm not too sure what we're talking about, but as one of your friends i want you to know i love you just as much, and whatever it is that changed and has made you unhappy, needs to go back to the way it was. so lets just fix it.